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Enhance the quality of life

Three elements can enhance the quality of life of those with developmental disabilities:

  1. Being gainfully employed
  2. Making meaningful contributions to society
  3. Living as independently as possible

One of the main goals of Escalon Covenant Enabling Residence is to provide a safe, caring environment for high-functioning developmentally disabled adults. The environment will encourage them to be contributing citizens of their community.

The opportunity in Escalon

Escalon Covenant Enabling Residence would provide a home for six residents. They will live as a Christian family, contributing to the family unit to the full extent of their abilities. In the small community, one resident’s strength can complement the needs of another. The residence will include a small apartment for an on-site caregiver

In this Christian environment, the physical, emotional and spiritual health of each member of the community will be valued, protected and nurtured. Individualized, carefully monitored programs will challenge residents to reach their potential through education, training and the development of social skills.